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Our Company

Nick Schrader

Nick is the owner of Second Western Insurance, he combines excellent and speedy customer service with the use of new technologies and automation to provide the most efficient process possible. He’s been working with insurance companies over the past decade and have seen the changes technology brings in for better or for worse. Our objective is to integrate technology with our clients’ needs to enhance the customer experience. If you’re looking for an experienced agent with good knowledge of the insurance market, give us a call today! We’ll extend great attention to detail to every case we take and help you save money.

Kelli Anderson

I give professionals a sense of confidence in who they are and what they do.

With a rich background as a Career Coach, Entrepreneur, Adjunct Assistant Professor, and Faculty Advisor I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. I teach career exploration and professional studies courses within the College of Cooperative Education & Professional Studies at the University of Cincinnati, while also serving Information Technology & Cybersecurity students as a Faculty Advisor.

But I’m not just an Educator or Coach; I’m a Practitioner.

As a writer for one of the top professional and executive resume companies, I craft 1-2 resumes from scratch every single day. I’m also a trusted resume consultant for private clients, helping them revamp and refine their resumes to stand out in the competitive job market.