What You Should Know First…

Things You Should Know
BEFORE You Submit Your Claim

Dear Most Valued Client,

You’re probably reading this because you recently had a car accident or suffered some other kind of loss to one of your vehicles, your home or your business. And you’re wondering…

  • Should I submit a claim to my insurance company or not?
  • Will there be any negative consequences?
  • Will my price go up? By how much?
  • Can my policy be canceled … and what happens then?

Those are very important questions. And while every situation is different, I’d like to provide you some inside information to help guide you to your answers. But, admittedly, you can’t get a specific answer to your specific situation in this report.

Why not? Two reasons.

First, there are many factors that determine the true impact of a claim on your policy. For instance…

  • Each kind of insurance is subject to specific state laws and regulations – especially involving cancellation,
  • Each insurance company has its own internal rules and practices,
  • And your personal claims history and circumstances will trigger those rules and practices differently than, say, your neighbor’s.

Second, once you have the facts and know what the impact will be, the decision to submit the claim or not is truly personal. What’s right for your neighbor isn’t necessarily right for you. Given the same facts you each might make a different decision.

The bottom line is this…

If you’re concerned about the potential impact of submitting your claim, contact us and discuss your situation! (This is just one of the many benefits of doing business with me and my dedicated team instead of some faceless 800-number somewhere.)

We’re here to advise and counsel you… to explain how your insurance really works. We’ll give you the facts BEFORE you submit your claim and help you make the best decision – for you.

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