Texas Windstorm Insurance Explained

Texas Windstorm Insurance

Windstorms are strong storms that cause damage to trees and buildings that could or could not be accompanied by rain. In Texas, Windstorm Insurance protects your home from the perils of a windstorms.

Over the years, areas in Texas such as Alvin, Rosharon, and Brownsville have been hit with heavy storms and expensive claims, leaving little to no options for Texas windstorm insurance. In fact. if you are reading this, you are probably one of the many that have been forced to obtain separate Windstorm Insurance in Texas, aside from your homeowners insurance.

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Be Forced No Moreā€¦

Due to the lack of devastating storms in the gulf coast area over the recent years, carriers are coming back strong. No longer do you have to have a separate windstorm insurance policy in Texas. No more double fees. No more double paperwork. No more double headaches.

Artificial Intelligence

Texas General Insurance is exclusively working with better companies that are changing the industry, utilizing AI that not only can calculate risks in real time, but also considers the future, putting the huge savings on you home and Texas windstorm insurance back into your pocket.


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