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Dump Truck Insurance in Texas: All You Need to Know

Having a trucking business comes with so many challenges and responsibilities. The good thing is that there is a way to save yourself as an operator or a business owner from suffering unwanted financial losses. This is by getting commercial truck insurance. This kind of insurance coverage is meant to offer protection to your business as well as to your driver.

Commercial truck insurance is also intended to respond to your trucking operations’ needs and concerns such that your truck has coverage in case of an accident. As an owner or an operator of a trucking business, you would not just want to settle for basic insurance coverage because you would certainly prefer more comprehensive protection.

Suppose you get a collision and comprehensive insurance policy. In that case, your truck gets protection from almost all types of damages, and it also gets coverage against a broader range of unfortunate circumstances. To get further protection, you may also opt to purchase more specialized insurance for your truck, which will cover more added disasters or damages.

When you operate a dump truck, it becomes a much different story as you will need another form of truck insurance, which is called dump truck insurance. If you are into dump trucking, you will definitely need more liability coverage.

What is Dump Truck Insurance?

Dump Truck Insurance Texas: All You Need to Know

If you are a dump truck operator in Texas, you would need to purchase insurance for dump trucks. This specialty policy offers coverage for truck businesses that use dump trucks in their operations. Dump trucks are used to transport loose materials such as dirt, sand, gravel, rock, asphalt, and the like either for mining, construction, or road work.

A dumper truck insurance is a kind of commercial truck insurance designed to provide coverage for dump trucks. Having an insurance dump truck policy protects the owner against several potential risks involved in operating a dump truck.

Insurance on dump trucks in Texas is most specially advised for a truck driver, a sole operator, or anyone whose business deals with commercial transportation or dump trucks or any other type of truck, or those with a similar nature.

Because dump trucks are massive and have a unique design that is a challenge for the truck driver, it needs a different type of truck insurance to have the right general liability and physical damage coverage should an accident occur.

A dump truck has about a gross vehicle weight of around 55,000 lbs. and is typically utilized in off-road areas and construction sites in Texas, or is also the most used vehicle for back-up situations or overturns than any other type of commercial truck.

Dump truck insurance in Texas works well with a transfer dump truck, standard dump truck, 6-10 wheeler truck, gravel truck, super dump truck, and other types of transportation that are heavy duty and comes with a bed that tilts backward to dump loose materials such as dirt, sand, etc.

More Coverage options for a Dump Truck Insurance

If you are planning to get dump truck insurance in Texas, be sure to shop around from different insurance companies and do not hesitate to ask for an insurance quote to have the best rate for your insurance dump truck policy and still get maximum coverage.

Getting comprehensive liability insurance is very important for a truck business in Texas because you do not just want physical damage covered, but more so, your drivers and overall operations. Basic dump truck insurance includes general liability coverage as well as motor truck cargo.

But if you want more protection and security from your dump truck insurance, there are other options that you can check out. Reach out to some insurance companies that are reliable and trusted for years to assist you with all the information you need. They can also give you an insurance quote for your dump truck insurance policy to provide you with a heads-up on how much it may cost you.

Auto Liability Insurance

This protection against legal responsibilities to a third party when the incident occurs during work hours. This kind of dump truck insurance also pays for physical damage such as property damage or bodily injury and an at-fault accident.

Physical Damage Insurance offers coverage for any type of damage that may occur to your dump truck and is not only limited to collisions. This type of dump truck insurance also covers natural disasters and vandalism. Through this liability insurance, the owner is spared from taking cash out of their own pockets if their truck needs to be repaired. Some dealerships mandate this policy, especially if you are leasing a dump truck.

Workers Compensation Insurance

This is a type of coverage that will pay for the medical expenses in the event of a driver’s bodily injury. It also covers the cost related to a lawsuit in case of a claim. Another addition to dump truck insurance can be Environmental Insurance, which pays for your financial responsibilities should you be required to restore or clean up the environment after an incident that your company has caused.

Downtime Insurance

or Rental Reimbursement Insurance will allow you to go on with your daily operations even while your dump truck is being repaired. This type of dump truck insurance policy also covers losses in case your business cannot operate temporarily.

Texas dump truck operators or owners may also avail of another type of truck insurance dump coverage called Non-Trucking Insurance, which provides protection when an independent operator encounters an accident when they are driving the dump truck, and it is an off-work hour. This truck insurance dump policy is recommended for independent operators or those who have a contract job.

Although it is said that about 75% of road accidents are not the fault of truck drivers but of small passenger car drivers, owning an insurance dump truck coverage is still very vital to the business and its owner, especially that roads and highways in Texas are highly susceptible to accidents.

How Much Does a Dump Truck Insurance Cost in Texas?
Being a truck operator or owner in Texas, you have to know how much it will cost you to have dump truck insurance or at least have a figure in mind to have an idea of how much to set aside for it. Although the average cost for dump truck insurance in the United States is from $4,000 to $14,000, Texas’s rate is slightly higher as the roads and highways are considered to be more dangerous.

In Texas, dump truck insurance costs a minimum of $5,000 up to about $20,000 for each power unit a year. This insurance premium varies because of several various factors, including what is being hauled, the driving history and record of the operator, the type of dump truck you have, what you are transporting, etc.

There may also be circumstances when insurers require the owner’s personal credit as well as their years in operation. Aside from truck insurance, truck operators in Texas are also required to fulfill the state’s minimum coverage limits for physical damage and bodily injury and proof that they have enough dump truck insurance that protects the owner, the driver, and the business against high-risk circumstances. This is done by filing either BMC- 91X Form with the federal or Form E.

Having a truck business in Texas can be tricky, but if you have the right insurance solution to protect yourself, your business, and your drivers, then the challenge should not be so complicated. Finding the right insurance company is highly necessary because you certainly want to make sure you are in the right hands.

Fortunately, many insurance providers around Texas can help you with your insurance needs. Do not hesitate to shop around so you can see all the options available for your business needs and get the most affordable rate without sacrificing your coverage. Owning insurance would undoubtedly give you the peace of mind that you seek.

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