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Can A Tenant Change The Locks In Texas?


Landlords and tenants want to know the same question: can a tenant change the locks without the landlord’s permission? Does it violate the lease agreement?

In Texas, a tenant has the right to change the locks on their rental unit if the landlord allows it.

owever, if the tenant changes the lock without permission, the landlord may evict the tenant.

If you’re a tenant in an apartment or rental house, you might wonder under what circumstances you can change the locks. While your landlord likely has a master key to your unit, you might feel more comfortable with your keys and locks.

Here are a few circumstances when it’s acceptable for tenants to change locks:

  1. When you move in: It’s common practice for tenants to change the locks when they first move into a new unit. This ensures that only you have access to the property.
  2. If you lose your keys: If you lose your keys or think they’ve been stolen, it’s essential to change the locks right away. You don’t want someone with access to your home who shouldn’t have it.

If a door lock is damaged or the tenant feels unsafe and wants to change it for security purposes, the tenant may change locks upon the landlord’s permission.

The landlord then has the right to inspect the property and ensure that the new locks meet their approval. If the landlord disapproves of the new locks, the tenant may be required to remove them.

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