Commercial Auto Insurance Texas

Your business is essential; protect it with Commercial Auto Insurance in Texas.

Your business is essential; protect it with Commercial Auto Insurance in Texas.


There are more than 2 million small businesses in Texas. Most businesses are prone to accidents and liabilities related to commercial vehicles. Having a personal auto policy is not enough to cover the liabilities that you will encounter in case of an accident. The personal auto policy is only for personal use, and you cannot use it in your business affairs.

Having auto insurance for your commercial vehicle is a huge step in protecting your business in Texas. Business owners also have the power to customize their auto insurance policies based on their business needs. You can have the choice of whether your commercial vehicle is a truck, van, or company cars.

What is the Commercial Auto Insurance Insurance Coverage Based on your Business Needs

Commercial Auto Insurance Texas

Business Auto. This insurance policy is essential, especially if you are using it for your business activities. Your employees can use it to visit or deliver something to your clients or customers. A commercial auto policy for your commercial vehicle is one of the best ways to protect your employees and company against financial damages.


Commercial vehicle insurance is equally essential to contractors. It is beneficial, especially if they are transporting supplies and tools to your customers. Your drivers can also travel safely, knowing that nothing can go wrong because they are protected on their way to the job site. It is one reason why these kind of business-related activities must be covered by auto insurance commercials.

Food Truck

Food service businesses like ice cream vendors and restaurants depend primarily on their commercial vehicles. Usually, in the food industry, they attach expensive tools or equipment in the commercial vehicle. It is one of the reasons why you need to get commercial auto insurance.

Livery For Hire

If your business focuses on transporting people to their chosen destination, you surely need business insurance under commercial auto insurance. It is to protect your customers, drivers, and other people. In case of an accident, you will not worry about the costly expenses for medical payments and lawsuits. Your commercial auto insurance will shoulder it for you.

Heavy Trucks

This commercial insurance policy insures your heavy tractor-trailers to dump trucks. In case you need to repair them, you can use your commercial auto insurance to shoulder the repair or replacement cost. It would be best if business owners will get flexible coverage to help them access their auto insurance policy when they need it.

Tow Truck

Business insurance offers protection in your commercial auto. You can safely secure your rollback, wrecker, or even roadside repair vehicle. You can also add some additional coverage in case your business needs some adjustments for your business risks. This insurance coverage is important; especially, you are taking good care of your customer’s car. Remember that once you are rendering service, they cannot use their own personal auto insurance. You will be held responsible, especially if you do not have commercial vehicle insurance in Texas.

What are the Requirements for Commercial Auto Insurance in Texas

Texas mandated that all auto insurance commercial vehicles have at least $30,000 per individual as a minimum insurance policy. It should also include $60,000 for bodily injury and $25,000 per damages to property. Some commercial auto insurance has higher coverage limits depending on their risks and the vehicle to be insured.

Texas state law also requires business owners to have personal injury protection to cover liability coverage like medical payments and lawsuits. However, you have the right to decline the insurance commercial auto coverage. Get a car insurance quote that fits your business.

Take note that choosing vehicle insurance should be aligned with your business and the requirements given by the Texas state laws. You do not need to purchase costly commercial vehicle insurance, as long as you know your risks and insurance needs. Try to talk to a licensed professional insurance agent about the quotes and policies that suit your business. Remember that your commercial vehicle insurance will determine how responsible you are as a business owner. Please do not rely on your personal car insurance because you cannot use it in your business.

Run your business with ease with the right commercial auto insurance.

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