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What is Texas Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Workers’ compensation, also referred to as workers comp in Texas, is a type of insurance that gives an injured employee medical benefits and wage replacement. In exchange, the employee relinquishes the right to sue the employer for negligence. Workers compensation also provides a deceased workers’ family with a financial benefit. If a workers’ family decides to sue a company, it can also help cover the related legal fees. Texas workers comp protects all sizes of businesses, from 2 to 2000 employees.

Whether you are looking for Workers Comp in Houston, Austin, Dallas, or San Antonio, our team of experts are here to meet with you and to assist with identifying your coverage needs.

Workers Compensation Insurance Texas

Texas Workers’ compensation insurance can help protect your business and employees in events such as these:

  • An employee slips on ice, injures himself while walking up the stairs to the office, and requires an emergency room visit and weeks of recovery time.
  • An employee injures her back lifting a box of printer paper and requires a doctor’s attention, medication and physical therapy.
  • An employee returning to the office from visiting a client is injured in a car accident and requires hospitalization.
    With workers’ comp insurance, your policy will help pay for the medical expenses needed to treat these job related injuries and illnesses. Workers’ compensation in Texas will also help employees keep their income while they take time off to recover.

Workers Compensation Insurance Texas Eligibility Requirements

Your business will need to meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • The company must have at least two employees.
  • Employees must be paid a regular hourly salary, not by commission or piecework. This is known as “time rate” and does not mean that your employees work 40 hours a week. It simply means that they are paid by the hour.
  • Employees must work more than 30 hours a week.
  • Part-time employees or independent contractors do not receive coverage under the Texas workers’ compensation policy. However, there is an exception for seasonal employees who usually work less than 20 weeks in a calendar year and no more than 40 hours in a week.

Texas Workers’ Compensation laws require that an injured employee receive the following:

  • Direct payment of medical and hospital bills.
    Reasonable and necessary medical treatment for as long as needed (which is not limited to the period it takes to heal).
  • A percentage of their average wage, depending on how seriously they were hurt. The greater the injury, the more they will receive.
  • The payment of death benefits to their family if they were killed on the job. (Also known as impairment income benefit)
  • How much does Workers Compensation Insurance Cost?
  • Depending on your policy, premiums can run between $0.70 and $1.30 for every $100 you pay in salary. This is a very affordable rate for a Texas business to afford, and it helps protect the entire company from lawsuits.

As an employee, you need to understand your rights and responsibilities under Texas Workers’ Compensation laws.

On the job, you are responsible to your employer to follow safety procedures and accept training from qualified professionals. You also have a responsibility to protect yourself while on the clock by wearing appropriate gear and following all safety precautions provided by your employer.

As an employee, you have a right to receive payment for your injuries. You also have a right to benefits if you are hurt on the job and cannot work, including medical expenses, lost wages, death benefits, and coverage of any permanent disabilities that occur as a result of your injury.

Working in Texas is not always easy, but there are many jobs available for those who want to experience the bright lights of the big city. If you are looking for a job, it is essential to understand your rights and benefits.

The best way to find out more about Texas Workers’ Compensation Insurance Eligibility is to call experts. This ensures you are being appropriately covered, so you have the right amount of security in your new job.