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Texas Travel Trailer Insurance Services

Having a recreational vehicle such as a travel trailer, a camper, or other types of motorhomes whether it is owned or rented can save you from the hassle that comes with booking for accommodation, car rental, or even a flight.
When you decide to use a travel trailer on your vacation, make sure that you get the right protection for yourself, your companions, and also your other belongings. This can be achieved when you purchase travel trailer insurance or RV insurance which costs about $1,425 annually though the rate varies according to your chosen coverage and the type of vehicle you wish to insure.
Before heading out on the road with your recreational vehicle, be sure to call an insurance company and talk to an agent to inquire about the coverage that they offer for a travel trailer. Get an insurance quote to find out how much you can afford as well.

Coverage Available for Travel Trailers in Texas

Coverages Available for Travel Trailers

Insurance companies would certainly have different coverage options for a travel trailer which is why choosing the right insurance policy is very important so you can have peace of mind knowing that you have the maximum protection.

Some insurance companies even offer an enhanced motor recreational vehicle and towable RV insurance policy with several coverage options to choose from. In order to get the best travel trailer insurance coverage, phone your insurance agent so they can give you some assistance and provide you with a free quote.

The first thing to consider is getting liability coverage for RV insurance which offers protection for bodily injury and property damage. The bodily injury coverage will protect you from costs that will be incurred when other people get injured due to an accident that you have caused. With this kind of liability insurance, a specific limit is set for how much is going to be paid per injured person and also a total for the whole accident. An example would be if you set an amount of $50,000 for each injured person and $100,000 for the total accident. If three people are injured and one person’s medical cost is $20,000 and the other one needs $25,000 plus the third person who has medical costs of $40,000 and the total cost for the accident is $85,000 then you are fully covered.

As for the coverage for property damage, this is to protect you from the cost that may be incurred to other people’s property whether it is another property or their vehicle that you have damaged. The usual limit of coverage for this is around $25,000 to $100,000. If you are looking for maximum coverage, you still have several options to select from.

Some of the coverages include total loss replacement which will offer vehicle replacement depending on the model year. If your trailer is totaled during its first 4 model years, you will get a new and similarly equipped RV. However, if it is from the 5th to the 7th model years, the settlement would be higher than the actual value during the time of loss, and if it is after the 7th model year, the settlement would be on the cash value.

Another coverage can be the replacement cost of personal effects which will cover for the replacement of the personal belongings inside the travel trailer as a result of a covered loss. Vacation liability coverage will cover for property damage and bodily injury that happened while you are on your site of vacation.

Coverage for emergency expenses on the other hand will cover the expenses for transportation and accommodation as a result of a covered loss. $1,000 of this coverage is included automatically with the collision and comprehensive coverage without any additional charge.

You may also opt for a special windshield deductible which will save you some money on windshield repair and for replacement, you will only need to pay $50. Medical payment coverage for a travel trailer can also be added to your policy which covers the cost for medical treatment that resulted from an injury while the travel trailer is parked on a public road and is being used as a temporary residence or a motorized vacation residence in a location that is insured such as a campsite or a rented or owned parking site and the like.

There is also towing and roadside assistance which will cover tire changes, locksmith service, towing, and fluid delivery. And the full-timer liability coverage offers protection for personal liability while your travel trailer is parked and is used either for recreational purpose or as a primary residence.

As you search for trailer insurance for your RVs, trailers, campers, and other types of motorhomes, do not hesitate to contact your insurance agent or check out their website to find the most comprehensive trailer insurance that will give you maximum coverage but something that is affordable.

Advantages of Owning a Travel Trailer
Since travel trailers are known to be among the highly versatile RVs that we see on the road these days, owning one can have so many advantages. For one, it can accommodate from as small as two people up to as many as 10 people, and it comes with a lot of features that are comparable to the toy hauler or a fifth wheel.

Its floorplans also come with so many options such as bathtubs, indoor and outdoor kitchens, multiple bedrooms, residential fridges, and other more convenient features that will make you feel like you are at home. Some trailers even have slide-out options that are the same as the pop-up camper which then provides more area for sleeping. It can be either on the rear or front side of the vehicle.

These kinds of trailers are very flexible and very easy to use as you can easily pull them on opposing sides so they can extend up to about 12 feet wide. Its length may vary from 14 feet up to 38 feet and the width ranges from 72″ up to 96″ so travel trailers can certainly accommodate your needs.

Because trailers are RVs or motorhomes that are non-motorized and are usually just pulled by an SUV or a truck, they are also the perfect vehicles to be used when you are on vacation as you can simply detach it from either your truck or SUV. This way, you can explore without having to take the trailer with you making it a very convenient trip.

These types of vehicles can make you feel like you are in a conventional home because of their features, but before going on a trip, safety must always come first. Go online or call an insurance agency and talk to their agents to know more about their policy on travel trailer insurance or RV insurance and get a free quote.

The insurance company may have coverage for a travel trailer or a towable RV that includes a fifth-wheel travel trailer, conventional travel trailer, folding campers, truck campers, and travel trailer with expandable ends.

Get complete protection while on the road and be a safe driver as well by purchasing the right travel trailer insurance or RV insurance.

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